an interactive exploration of my journey to accepting my brain health just the way it is + a healthy dose of coping skills. maybe some parts of it will be relatable to your own journey too! <3

this is definitely a mental health "game" about ADD, anxiety, and depression, so it references struggles with taking medicine, eating well, and managing stressful feelings, but it was designed as a self-help/therapeutic activity for myself and so it does not emphasize or describe self-harm.

Side note: I've been REALLY wanting to include dance in game development for a long time, and ended up finding a way to use that here. I created this game-zine by exploring the wound-up distress in my body from my recent frustrations over "is this just me or is this ADD again?" 

Side note: Created for the Extra Credits game jam that I hosted in March 2019, because what's a good jam host that doesn't make a game for their jam


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I really like this! It definitely struck a few chords with me re mental health and self care, and it's a kind of zine/game I've never seen before.


This was really nice to read through (play?) and had some very relatable thoughts. Thank you so so much for making this and sharing it with everyone. I really liked the aesthetic you made with it and the tone you created, too. <3